My name is Robert Pendleton MD PhD.  I founded the Pendleton Eye Center, I have practiced Ophthalmology in Oceanside for the past twenty years, and now I feel a calling to awaken the apathetic and unite disenfranchised moderates. I am an ophthalmologist, a biochemist, and visual artist, and the K9 Party is my vision for a better world.

K9 is a philosophy of decision making based upon the attributes of dogs that make “man’s best friend” so special: Unconditional Love, Simple Needs, and Readiness to Defend. Adapted to national politics, international politics, and our personal lives, these attributes become the nine K9 principles: Socially Progressive, Fiscally Conservative, and Militarily Prepared (national), Altruistic, Sovereign, and United (international), and Loving, Lean, and Strong (personal).

Application of K9 principles to decision making yields the “six results” of Tolerance, Security, Health, Happiness, Peace, and Freedom.

My “2020 Vision” is for the K9USA Party to elect a majority of representatives (50% women) to the United States Congress by year 2020 with two clear mandates: (1) to ratify the United States Constitution with the 28th Constitutional Amendment that will eliminate gerrymandering and impose reasonable term limits on the US House and US Senate, and (2) to invoke the 25th Constitutional Amendment and unleash our great nation from the grip of tyranny and narcissism.

In Congress I will apply the K9 principals to law-making using the discipline of medicine, the wisdom of science, and the creativity of art, and unchain bipartisan gridlock through compromise and incremental change.

Donkeys and elephants have failed. It’s time for dogs to lead.

Join the Movement at K9USA.org.


Robert Pendleton MD, PhD


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