Congress needs an infusion of innovative ideas. 

On this page you will find a compilation of new ideas in the form of congressional acts which I intend to implement once elected to congress, along with my stance on a variety of controversial issues.  In each case I have applied the K9 principles in arriving at these moderate positions, with the targeted result of increased freedom, security, health, happiness, tolerance and peace.

I encourage you to email me at Pendleton@K9USA.org, or to call all me on campaign line at 760-512-8819 if you have an issue that you would like to discuss, of if you would like to see an issue added to this section.


Individuals Rights:

"GOVERNMENT is not reason, it is not eloquence — it is force! Like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master; never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action."  George Washington

Our Federal, and State governments have grown too large, and have become too intrusive, and the cost has been an erosion of our individual rights.  Here are two examples of simple, federal regulations that will restore individual rights, and not cost the government a single penny to implement.

Stop Sharing, Start Purchasing My Information Act:

Recently several of the nation's largest insurance carriers were sanctioned for misusing our personal data.  In short, they determined your shopping habits, and if you were consistent about where you shopped, and the products you purchased, they raised your rates.  Those of us who shopped at a variety of stores, and purchased different products with little consistency didn't get a rate increase.  They reasoned that if you were more consistent in your consumer habits, you were less likely to cancel your insurance after a rate hike.  If  your neighbor borrowed your car and used it to give rides on Uber while you slept, you would expect some sort of compensation in return, and yet, our digital information is being taken from us "shared" with corporations who are profiting from it, and in many cases, we don't even know that they are using it at all. The Stop Sharing, Start Purchasing Act will change that, at no cost to the Federal Government. 

This federal legislation compels corporations who would like to use your personal information to request your permission, before they use it, and to reimburse you (a small amount) PRIOR to them using the information. Stop Sharing, Start Purchasing My Information.

The Portability of our Professions Act:

Licensed physicians, surgeons, nurses, dentists, counselors, physical therapists, cosmetologists, veterinarians, pharmacists, optometrists, chiropractors, and a host of other professionals practice in exactly the same manner regardless of the state in which they work / reside, and yet state regulations prohibit these professionals from working unless they first obtain a State-specific license. The Portability of our Professions Act is a simple, zero cost federal regulation that qualifies certain licensed professionals to utilize their State-issued professional licenses in any State or United State territory, regardless of the State where the license was originally issued. Thus a physician licensed in Louisiana, for example, would be qualified to legally practice medicine in Massachusetts, California, Washington, New York, Puerto Rico, or any other US State or Territory he/she chose to reside without obtaining a new, state-specific license.

Occupational licensing has grown to include some 30% of the US workforce and represents a blatant example of an  government restriction of individuals’ rights.

Among economists it is well understood that occupation licensing servers as a barrier to occupation entry, leads to decreased worker mobility, reduced employment, higher prices for consumers, decreased customer satisfaction, and increased income inequality. Furthermore, there is no evidence that redundant state licensing leads to any positive outcome for either workers or consumers.

Competition among state licensing boards for licensees will lead to lower state licensing fees and an enormous reduction of state expenditures by trimming the size and number of redundant state licensing boards. The Portability of our Professions Act increases freedom and individuals’ rights, shrinks government regulation, increases consumer choice, and decreases consumer costs, all at zero cost to the Federal Government.

It’s time for the federal government to stand up for the rights of our nation’s licensed professionals.

Please support the Portability of our Professions Act.


Gun Control:

I support the constitution, including the second amendment, but there needs to be a ban on assault style automatic weapons.  I also support raising the age limit to purchasing guns to 21, and strengthening of the background check process.



The United States is the land of opportunity. It's no coincidence that all of the world's top ten largest corporations were founded here in the US, and half of those rose to success in less than a single generation.  We can't accommodate everyone, so there needs to be a system in place to select who we accept.  Why not select the individuals we need the most?  I support a merit based system of immigration. 



The 28th Constitutional Amendment:

Doctrine to Eliminate Excessive Privilege, and Strategic Hierarchy of Term-Limits Act (DEEP SHITL Amendment):

A handful of congressmen have been on the job now over 50 years! 

Intelligent term limits for the House of Representatives and Senate would bring fresh ideas and faces to Washington, limit the effects of lobbying and corruption, limit political maneuvering, encourage more people to vote, and empower more politicians to create meaning and lasting change as they often attempt in their last terms. 

Additionally, the President should only have one term of 6 or 8 years.  Freeing the President from diverting his or her attention to re-election empowers him/her to "do the right thing" for the people, even if it might have some political backlash.  We all know, for example, that due to an aging population and longer life span, entitlement programs such as Medicare and Social Security are headed towards financial failure.  No President would ever address entitlement programs in their first term as it might jeopardize re-election, and yet the dangers of doing nothing continue to grow exponentially.  Limiting the President to one term ensures that he/she would move forward with critical decision making without the fear of loosing the next election.

Congress should be limited to 6 terms, or 12 years; Senators should be limited to 2 terms or 12 years, and the President should be limited to a single term of 6 or 8 years.  Adding it up, no one person would be allowed to serve in the legislative / executive branches of government for longer than 32 years.  That's plenty of time.  But it's going to take a new political party with a mandate to enact term-limits in order to get this constitution amendment passed.  The powers that be will never allow this to happen.

Our representatives should also have to play by the same rules that we the citizens have to work with.  For example, Congress should not have its own, special healthcare insurance.  Health-care regulations would get a closer look if our representatives had to deal with the same regulations as everyone else.  Our Senators and Congressional Representatives already receive a generous package of financial compensation.  Extra perks, like special health insurance, are excessive and should be eliminated.


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